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Get involved in Citizen Science Translation

Volunteer translators
  1. Translators and Citizen Scientists

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1. Translators and Citizen Scientists

What we ask you to do: a summary:

1. Choose something to translate or proofread

2. Download the document of your choice and write your translation (or proofread someone else's)

3. E-mail it to us as a Word document to

More details:

Thank you very much for your interest!

We're looking for anyone who speaks more than one language to translate any of these documents into whatever language you like. 

You might translate them yourself, or proofread and check the work of the first translator. Please choose whatever you like from Translations in Progress. Please feel free to use the Forum and Resources pages to help you.

When you contact us, we'll ask you a few questions, such as what name you would like to be known by so that you can be publicly thanked for your work, and how long you expect you'll need. If you like, please also tell us why you'd like to do this work, and any questions or suggestions. We won't share this information or use it for any purpose but to improve the translation hub. (You can check our privacy policy here.)

If you are proofreading, you may wish to write a completely new version of the work, or simply edit the original document - either is OK, we are still seeing what works with this.

Any work you send us we'll put in Completed Translations. The citizen science project, or person, who wrote the document in the first place will receive a copy and be asked to make it available alongside their original.

Currently there's no way to upload any work you do, so please just e-mail it to us at

Please also send us an e-mail or post on the forum if you have any questions, or if you get stuck on something you're translating.

A lengthly flowchart of the exact process of how the translation hub works. I am trying to find a way to make the image more accessible.
The Process
Citizen science projects

What we ask you to do: a summary

1. Email us at to tell us about your project

2. Tell us what text you'd like translated, and any specific languages you want

3. If necessary, discuss with us how best to represent the text, e.g. if it is in a complicated format

4. Tell us where to send any translated material

5. Agree to a) make any translations we send you available on your website, b) thank the translator and the Citizen Science Translation Hub

More details

If you have some text that you want in more languages (a website, an instruction pack, a policy document, a useful article or blog post, some teaching or training materials, even a video that could be subtitled), then please e-mail us at Please send us a link to the material, and tell us why you think it would be useful in more languages.


If you're the owner of the material, we'll work with you directly. To make it easy to translate, it will need to be transcribed into a suitable format, such as a plain text or Word document (at the moment, we will be able to do this). If the format is complex, such a leaflet with graphics, a game style interface or a website with buttons, we'll decide how to go about making it easy to translate - in general, translators tend to go for plain text, as it is easiest to put through translation software!

Before we put your material onto our website, you'll need to agree to make any translated versions publicly available to read, with the translator and proofreader's names and preferably a link to us.


If you see some material that you think would be valuable translated, but you're not its owner, then please tell the owner of the material about us. If you don't know how to get in touch with them, please e-mail us directly and we'll take a look. We'd love to hear from you.

Citizen science projects
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