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Find a text that interests you here. You are free to download any of these documents. If a document has already been translated, or needs a proofreader (2nd translator), we will say so. Any language is welcome! 

Please see "Get Involved" for the exact process.


There is currently no way to upload translations - please just e-mail us with any work you do.

Texts currently awaiting translation 

BioBlitz Policy Brief.png

DITOs Policy briefs

Citizen science policy briefs are summaries of issues in citizen science with information and recommendations for lawmakers. Doing It Together Science has several 4-page policy briefs in English, and are looking for translations into any language.

Bus Instructables.png

DITOs Bus Instructables

A fun set of leaflets from the Doing It Together Science Bus. These are instructions for DIY science experiments, many of which can easily be done at home and by young people. They are available in 7 European languages, and would be welcome in many more.

Mapping for Change picture.png

Mapping for Change

Mapping for Change works with communities and organisations who want to create maps of issues affecting areas that matter to them. They have produced an air quality monitoring toolkit and are looking for translators. 

ECSA 10 principles.png

Other projects seeking translation

Some citizen science projects are crowdsourcing their own translators. We're happy to "signal-boost" them by keeping a list of them here.

Exoworlds Spies 1.jpg

ExoWorlds Spies

ExoWorlds Spies is a citizen science project to study planet transit times using small and medium telescopes. It is available in English and Greek, with French and Finnish on the way. There are pages of instruction and science that need translation.

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