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Citizen Science Translation Resources

This page is gradually building up a set of resources for translators: word banks, translation memory, translation software, and also articles on the general topic of citizen science. 

If you know any good websites or software, or any articles which explain citizen science well (especially articles not in English), please contact us or leave a message on our discussion forum and we will build up a list.

Citizen Science

Wikipedia's article on Citizen Science (English) 

The Ten Principles of Citizen Science (available in many languages)


(Please note: many of these need accounts, logins etc. Most are free or have free versions.)

WordFast - a translation memory database

WordFast Anywhere - glossaries and word banks

Term Base UN - agreed words in many languages

Google Translate Toolkit alternatives (article) - if you have any feedback on which of these resources are good or bad, please tell us.

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