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Other citizen science projects seeking translators

Some citizen science projects are searching directly for translators to work with them, not through us. We're happy to give them a "signal boost" here.

ECSA 10 principles.png
Ten Principles of Citizen Science (European Citizen Science Association)

ECSA's "10 Principles of Citizen Science" is now available in 26 languages. Is yours there? If not, they would like to hear from you.

Special announcement: COVID-Translate

There is a current citizen effort to collaboratively translate South Korea's COVID handbook, a 75 page PDF of guidelines. You can find it at Examples of the collaborative work are here in English and here in Romanian. You can check them out on Facebook and Twitter, and find the e-mail address to contact them here if you would like to help. The document is now complete in English and Korean. (This is not strictly citizen science, but we are happy to be among the many organisations who are changing what they do during a crisis!) 

Astronomy Translation Network 

Are you interested in astronomy? Just like citizen science, many astronomy and space materials are only available in one language. The Astronomy Translation Network is working to make resources available in as many languages as possible - educational material, articles, photos, games, International Astronomical Union content and citizen science projects, like us. We are also grateful to the Astronomy Translation Network for their inspiration and advice as we began our project in early 2018.

Ada Lovelace Day

Every so often the Finding Ada website (which specialises in celebrating and highlighting the achievements of women in science) produces materials such as training or information leaflets which require translation.

Other citizen science projects

Is your citizen science project seeking translations? If you already have your own system for that, please let us know and we'll be happy to mention you on this page. If not, then please contact us to tell us about your material, and if it is suitable, we will host it on the "Translations in Progress" page. 

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